TEI Myth of the Day

September 15, 2018


The Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) scorecards for Dallas ISD teachers were released to some teachers this week. However, do to a technical glitch the majority of teachers still do not have their results.  The cards contain a summary of the teacher’s effectiveness level and thus the pay he/she will receive. This is Day 2 of TEI Myth of the Day. 


TEI Myth: TEI is a pay for performance system.


FACT: TEI is not true pay for performance, rather it is a targeted (forced) distribution system.

  • No matter how great a teacher is, 80% can never be rated as “highly effective” in the TEI. 

  • This results in competition among teachers instead of collaboration. 


Here is the 110 page guidebook that explains how the performance rating is calculated.  


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