Who's electing DISD Trustees 2018? Same Reformers as 2017

April 17, 2018


Dallas Kids First (DKF) candidates are bought and paid for by corporate education Reform money, period. 
Here’s who’s electing your DISD Trustees:


DKF April 2018 PAC Filing
Contributions: $173,375.00

Peter Beck $10K
Bernie Bray $25K

Harlan Crow $25K
Lee Hobson $10K
Peter Kline $5K
Don McNamara $5K
Mike Myers $20K
William Payne $15K
Evelyn Rose $15K

Stacy Schusterman $25K
Phillip Wiggins $500
Ken Barth $17.5K


DKF Jan 2018 PAC Filing:
Contributions: $114,553.00

Garrett Boone $25K
Tim Byrne $20K
Marguerite Hoffman $5K
Sarah Losinger $10K
Daniel Muzquiz $10K
Suzanne Smith $100.00
Ken Barth $43,103.00


Notice CAMP owner John Hill (aka Deinde) was paid $53K by DKF to train “fellows” to campaign for DKF

endorsed candidates. Also notice DKF paid wages to the 2018 CAMP Fellows. (See January 2018 blog for more on CAMP). 


Filings April ‘18, Jan ‘17 respectively:


See my October 2017 blog Marshall Law to see with whom the above funders are associated. 



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