An Average Teacher - Really?

August 9, 2017



Mark Harrington is a 23 year veteran teacher with Dallas ISD since 1999.  He chairs the Social Studies Department, has developed curriculum, has lead the Academic Decathlon Team to three straight championships, coaches the mock trial team and is the UIL Activity Coordinator.  According to the Teacher Excellence Initiative, known as TEI, he is an average teacher.  Mark has not had a salary increase since TEI was implemented three years ago.  He was a member of the TEI development committee.  But once he began to speak out about some of its flaws, he was asked to leave the committee.  He was featured recently by Bill Zeeble on KERA:


Dallas ISD Board of Trustees is preparing to vote for a tax ratification election (TRE) to be placed on the November ballot.  Within the proposed spending plan is $12.2 million for more excellence initiatives:$file/TRE%20July%2027%202017%20Workshop%20F3.pdf 


Dallas ISD has not provided any evidence that principal excellence initiatives (PEI) or any others (APEI, EDEI) actually work.  Given the mass teacher exodus based on TEI and the effect on our dedicated quality teachers as above, why would we agree to increase funding for something that no one has proven does anything to improve school performance?  




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