The Truth About the Education Reform Movement and Why I Don't Support It

April 12, 2017


My Dallas ISD District 2 opponent is running as a proud supporter of Education Reform.  While there was a point that I, too, liked the sound of "reforming" education because I thought it simply meant "improving" education, I've learned what the Education Reform movement really is about. It is a four-step process: 


1. The first step is defunding public education, which the state of Texas did in 2011.


2. Their next step is to enact an A-F school accountability system, which Texas enacted in 2015 and will go into effect as of the 2017-18 school year.


3. Then Reform leaders will work to pass a voucher program. (Fortunately, this was recently knocked down by the Texas State House, but I know that Reform leaders are hardly ready to back down on this.)


4. And finally, completely privatizing public education.


As Diane Ravitch states, " 'Reform' is really a misnomer, because the advocates for this cause seek not to reform public education but to transform it into an entrepreneurial sector of the economy."



What I know Dallas ISD truly needs is:

  • More funding per pupil, as Texas is currently the 38th in funding per pupil and by some measures, 47th. 

  • An accountability system that is able to adequately tell the stories of what our schools are doing, unlike the A-F grading system. 

  • A better teacher evaluation system that doesn't pit one teacher against another resulting in an increased turnover rate.

  • The implementation of the Community School system in schools that are struggling 

  • Early Childhood Education programs that ensure our children have opportunities to flourish from the start

  • Strong leaders – leaders who will not be afraid to stand up against the Education Reform movement – on the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees who will work to build these things.


I am ready to work towards just that if I am elected as your District 2 Trustee. 



Support our campaign for public education now by making a donation. 






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