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I am the proud mom of a Dallas ISD second grader.  For me, making decisions about our community's schools is not theoretical, it is personal.  I will fight to improve the school district and system that will shepherd my daughter, that will shepherd her peers, and that will shepherd the children that become our community's future. 


As a physician assistant, I work everyday with underserved children and adults, allowing me to gain a greater understanding of their needs.​  Recently I saw a quote, "I still believe public education is the greatest gift this country has," - I couldn't agree more.  Opportunity starts with education and we must invest in the best possible public education for ALL children.  

DISD District 2 Map

As your Dallas ISD District 2 Trustee, I will: 


 • Work to improve teacher retention by implementing an evaluation system that is fair and adequately compensates all of our dedicated teachers.

 • Work to establish a Community School concept for our struggling schools.

 • Fight against any program devised to take taxpayer dollars and divert them to private education entities. 

 • Work to expand Early Childhood Education to ensure that all of our Dallas ISD children are Kindergarten ready.

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