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Hey Lakewood-The CEO of the MAP Test Company Says Don't Use MAP for Student Placement Decisions!

With all of the buzz questioning the continuance of standardized testing during a pandemic, I was really surprised this week to read that Lakewood Elementary is cautioning parents about students missing the end of year STAAR and MAP testing.

Missing the tests according to the principal's newsletter could "negatively impact a student's future opportunities."

It's well known that standardized tests such as STAAR and MAP tell us more about socioeconomic status than ability, so a low or "no score" shouldn't have any bearing on program admission decisions. I wonder if the district's Racial Equity Office is aware these tests are used for magnet and TAG placement.

I wrote last fall that even Chris Minnick, the CEO of NWEA - the company that produces the MAP test, said MAP shouldn't be used for high-stakes purposes. For those without a subscription below are his statements that were published 9/2/20 in EdWeek:

"NWEA’s Minnich said he expects that states will not look as strictly to assessment as an indicator of students’ learning levels as they have in years past, because the data are not reliable for high-stakes purposes at this point. NWEA’s MAP assessment can be used for either high-stakes or low-stakes purposes, but Minnich is recommending that it not be used at this time for any high-stakes decisions such as teacher evaluation or student readiness for certain programs or interventions. “I think these assessments should be used to figure out where our kids are, and figure out where we should go with those students,” he said."

If you would like to express your dissatisfaction with such practices here are a few contacts:

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa hinojosam@dallasisd.org Racial Equity Office racialequity@dallasisd.org

Chief of Human Capital Management Cynthia Wilson cynwilson@dallasisd.org

D9 President Justin Henry justinhenry@dallasisd.org

D1 Edwin Flores edwinflores@dallasisd.org

D2 Dustin Marshall dustinmarshall@dallasisd.org

D3 Dan Micciche danmicciche@dallasisd.org

D4 Karla García kgarcia@dallasisd.org

D5 Maxie Johnson maxiejohnson@dallasisd.org

D6 Joyce Foreman joyceforeman@dallasisd.org

D7 Ben Mackey benmackey@dallasisd.org

D8 Joe Carreón joecarreon@dallasisd.org

Until we appropriately utilize meaningful assessments, I'm with New York.

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