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I almost forgot Dustin Marshall was Endorsed by Empower Texans

My daughter recently came running to interrupt me during a phone call saying, "Mom some guy is lying about you on the internet!" She was so distraught that I hung up the call.

She had Jim Schutze's Observer article from May 2017 pulled up where Jim strenuously doubted Dustin Marshall supported vouchers because Mr. Marshall said he didn't.

"Oh sweets," I said. "Bless his heart, Jim Schutze is blind as a bat when it comes to education."

In case you've forgotten, Jim claimed I was not telling the truth when I said Marshall supports vouchers. It was clear from the get go of that phone call that Jim had already written his piece. He wasn't interested in the research or my perspective as evidenced by the fact that he kept cutting me off. So a few minutes in when he couldn't get me to say what he wanted to print he hung up on me.

The fact remains that Dustin Marshall was endorsed by Empower Texans.

If you're unfamiliar with Empower Texans (ET) and their political advocacy group Texans For Fiscal Responsibility, they are a far far right conservative (some say Christian nationalist) group funded by a few West Texas gazillionaires, that have been funding campaigns in our state to elect voucher supporting school board trustees and legislators for the past 15 years. (Marshall isn't the first to get endorsed by ET and then claim not to support vouchers once the community found out.)

Voucher group endorses Dustin Marshall

The situation reminds me of how Jim once criticized a fellow journalist for not better researching material before publishing something damning.

Yet right there on ET's website was Marshall’s endorsement, and Schutze didn’t do his research.

My mission then and now is securing trustees committed to ensuring our district leadership and policies are focused on research based, proven educational strategies instead of bringing to fruition the political agenda or theory of the latest education non-profit or think tank to pop up in town.


DISD Districts 2 and 8 are up for election November 3rd.

Recently, I had the opportunity to see the D8 candidates Alicia McClung and Joe Carreon during the Funky East Dallas Democrats forum. Ms. McClung's grasp on education policy and classroom impact is head and shoulders above that of Mr. Carreon.

Both Nancy Rodriguez (D2) and Alicia McClung (D8) are the ONLY trustee candidates committed to stopping the test-prep focus that is the result of the teacher merit pay system, TEI (Teacher Excellence Initiative).

In order to change the dysfunction in DISD we MUST change the Board of Trustees. We need trustees committed to studying the issues, willing to support best practice education policies, willing to scrutinize the administration and to stand up to the establishment in the name of what's best for children and communities.

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