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Dustin Marshall Has Failed Dallas ISD Students. Period.

If you can't run for school board trustee on a record of having improved education for Dallas ISD students, then apparently you run on your opponents husband's voting history. This folks is Dustin Marshall's latest strategy.

Despite promised Reform - DISD declining in educational progress
Corbett Smith, DMN October 30, 2019

I got three mailers today from Marshall doing just that. I do find a glaring omission from him however - the fact that under his tenure as trustee, DISD is flat to declining in educational progress by the most respected of measures, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, often referred to as the Nation's Report Card.

That's right. Mr. Marshall came into office promising his supported education Reform policies would elevate student outcomes, namely the policy known as the Teacher Excellence Initiative or TEI, a teacher merit pay system based on STAAR standardized test scores.

But the reality is Mr. Marshall and TEI have failed DISD students and the community at large as evidenced by the NAEP outcomes. So much so that not one of these recent mailers claim anything great about student outcomes, because he can't. Instead the narrative of TEI has shifted to incentivizing pay so teachers stay in the classroom.

That incentivized pay is based on the state standardized test, STAAR, which has resulted in nonstop test-prep. So instead of authentic teaching and learning, DISD students have improved STAAR results. Critical thinking skills - not so much. Mastery of subject domain - nope.

Some would call this test focused instruction education malpractice. The Texas Association of School Boards calls it a failure that falls squarely on the board of trustees, that's squarely on the shoulders of Dustin Marshall:

"Through the policies they make, school board members are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of local public education."


More on Dustin Marshall:

- Supports defunding DISD by expanding Uplift Charter schools in DISD boundaries, costing DISD over $450 million since 2011/12.

- Endorsed by the voucher group Empower Texans.

- Supports standardized test focused education for DISD but would never impose this on his own children, all of whom attend the private school Greenhill.

- Boasts about corporate experience yet fails DISD as a member of the audit committee.

- Supports awarding contracts to campaign contributors:


Dustin Marshall campaign finance report.

Dallas ISD Board of Trustees Meeting September 24, 2020 Agenda Item 9.08

Vote Nancy and check out her stance on the issues, especially DISD accountability!

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