• Lori Kirkpatrick

Charter Action Alert!

TEA Commissioner Morath just approved 8 new charters in Texas. Now the decisions go to the State Board of Education (SBOE) for review. Please contact your SBOE member before September 8th and ask him/her to veto new charters. 

The state of Texas is currently diverting $3.3 billion of our tax dollars to private charter organizations that are failing Texas students and given the pandemic we are likely facing a deep recession. So why would we grant more charters and divert more money away from our community schools? 

Additionally serious questions were raised at the TEA interviews with these charter applicants about:

--the record of charter applicants in other states


--curriculum that included insensitive racial references and

--three of the charters being out-of-state charter chains that will receive millions of Texas taxpayer dollars for their “charter management organizations” in California and Florida.

Charter School Impact Within Dallas ISD:

  • There are 92 charter campuses 

  • Annually diverting $271 million away from DISD

Financial Impact of State Charters on Dallas ISD

The charter "promise" was that in exchange for the State transferring the control of local schools to private organizations and allowing charters to be more autonomous with taxpayer funding, charters would produce better student outcomes. However, the charters are producing lower student outcomes, and yet DISD has to cut its budget every year for student instructional resources because of revenue loss to charters. Read the full presentation: Charter School Impact on Dallas ISD If you're asking why charters are expanding please read: The Charter Movement Explained.

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