• Lori Kirkpatrick

YES to Teacher Raises

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Raising teacher salaries is to be congratulated. BRAVO DISD!

A few clarifications and questions are in order however.

1. Teacher turnover was 9-14% prior to Reform Superintendent Miles and TEI. So how is 20% average turnover the past six years a reduction as you say?

2. How do you know you’re retaining the most effective teachers? Where is that data exactly? Your chart simply shows that the more you pay someone the more likely they are to stay in DISD.

3. A DMN Op-ed from February 1, 2020 reported that scores on STAAR have no relation to differences in instruction. Particularly concerning, using models such as TEI “measuring teachers’ effects on students’ standardized test scores were only slightly more valid than if the same model measured teachers’ effects on students’ height.”

4. Are you at all concerned that paying teachers based on standardized test results has caused STAAR score inflation and not actual learning? With NAEP scores flat and falling since TEI, how have you validated that TEI is legitimately improving student performance?

Asking for my 10 year old daughter and 152,000 of her friends in Dallas ISD. Thanks!

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