• Lori Kirkpatrick

My School Board Race Is Finally Here

I have been asked over and over if I am running for the Dallas ISD District 2 seat this year. This has been my intention since I lost in June of 2017 in the run-off against Dustin Marshall and his education Reform movement.

You may (or may not) recall one Richard Young was on the ballot in my race. He garnered 336 votes, which kept me from winning outright in the general by an estimated FOURTEEN votes. By the run-off I was out of money, my small volunteer team was exhausted, and we just couldn’t compete with Marshall’s Reform-backed war chest ($512,085.20).

That’s what having more than one challenger often does – help the incumbent by splitting the opposition votes and precious resources. If the incumbent doesn’t win in the general he/she will certainly have the advantage in the run-off.

Trying to avoid this scenario again, I spent the end of 2019 meeting with folks who I knew or had been told were interested in challenging Mr. Marshall. My goal was to work smart, work as a team, identify who had the best chance to win, and all join forces to support just one challenger.

This strategy of course relies on all parties actually being in it to beat Marshall, not help him to a run-off.

Well you see how well my plan has played out. Thus far, Nancy Rodriguez and Alex Enriquez have both filed to run in D2.

I jumped in this arena because public education is under fierce attack. What is most important to me is defeating Dustin Marshall and the education Reform agenda that has taken over our district and my daughter's education.

I feel strongly that having multiple opponents against Dustin Marshall is a BIG MISTAKE, and for this reason I will not join the D2 race this year.

The best thing for public education in Dallas would be for one of these challengers to withdraw from the race. Otherwise, there's a good chance we'll keep the education Reform incumbent on the DISD Board, and his continued test and punish focus using STAAR based outcomes for our students and teachers.

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