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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

TEI Myth of the Day

TEI Myth: TEI is a valid tool for evaluating teachers.

FACT: The RAND corporation, in a study released in 2018, concluded that a multi-year experiment in TEI-type teacher evaluations, not only failed to improve teacher effectiveness, but also failed to improve academic outcomes, especially among minority and low-income students.

  • TEI incorporates Value-Added Modeling (VAM), a method determined by experts in statistics to be flawed.

  • Over a third (35%) of a teacher’s rating is based on standardized test scores.

  • After spending over $550 million on pay for performance teacher systems, the Gates Foundation stopped investing in these initiatives because they failed to result in improved outcomes for students.

  • Cities and states across the country such as Pittsburgh PA and Ohio are ending their pay for performance evaluation systems because they have failed. Dallas should follow suit.

Actual portion of the VAM used in TEI:


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