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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

TEI Myth of the Day

The Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) scorecards come out today for Dallas ISD teachers. On these cards is a summary of the teacher’s effectiveness level and thus the pay he/she will receive. Join me each morning for the next week to learn the Truth About TEI.

Myth of the Day: TEI places highly effective teachers in the low-performing schools.

FACT: TEI and salary data demonstrates that TEI favors teachers at predominantly white campuses, high socioeconomic status campuses, and magnet and choice schools. Thus, TEI is not identifying high performing teachers, it is identifying teachers of high performing students who already have an advantage. In other words, TEI is biased and paying teachers based on who they are assigned to teach, which is blatantly unfair.

Read the full analysis by Dr. Michael Dryden here.


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