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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

DKF At It Again

Money is power, the power of Education Reformers to elect privatization friendly candidates to our local school board and Dallas Kids First (DKF) is at it again. As a reminder, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy, non-district donors being used to influence you the voter.

Here's their latest mailer. And here is Trustee Nutall setting the record straight:

The DKF PAC recently sent out a mailer to District 9 voters. Here are some of the misrepresentations that were made in the mailer:

DKF - “VOTED NO to $104 million for DISD proven programs.”

TRUTH - Perhaps they are referring to me voting against “proven programs” that have only proven to chase away many of DISD’s best and most experienced teachers. A trustee in a neighboring ISD put it this way, “I’m sure glad DISD has the TEI. It’s been great…for us! We are filling our high need teacher vacancies with teachers who have left DISD.”

DKF - “VOTED NO to $3.5 and NO to $7.9 million for District 9 campuses.”

TRUTH - I have secured over $90 million in funding for District 9 schools. The first draft of the 2015 bond package had no money of substance coming to District 9 schools and I successfully worked to remedy this.

DKF - “Made decisions without community input. Inviting Secretary DeVos for political tour of Dade”.

TRUTH - First of all, I didn’t invite Secretary DeVos. However, upon learning she would be here, I did make the decision to meet with her. I absolutely don’t agree with Secretary DeVos’ politics, but children aren’t politics. My daughter is in DISD, unlike my opponents. Our prized teachers are not leaving DISD because of DeVos, but they are leaving because of the initiatives and policies DKF supports and has pushed through.

DKF - “Refusing to allow you to vote on additional resources for District 9 students, teachers and staff.”

Truth : I voted FOR TWO TRE options that would have had negligible impact on citizens, yet still would have resulted in increased resources. Have you noticed how the narrative has changed about how the money is to be spent? First it was for racial equity in programming. Now the real reason has been revealed, it is for the TEI.

Finally, DKF supported the dissolution of Dallas County Schools and DISD must now finance transportation services. As an experienced Trustee, I am cognizant of how this too will likely impact the taxpayers.


Bernadette Nutall

District 9 Trustee

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