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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Children Define the Data

We are headed in the wrong direction. It’s time to turn this ship around and sail to the proper port (or some such metaphor). The experiences of the child should define the data. But instead we are using data with low information to define children. Worse still, people cherry pick naive results to justify unsubstantiated programs like TEI and ACE. Shame on us.

We have the opportunity and an obligation to chart the better course.

What others are saying:

Last week Texas Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath, again stated his belief that all students can pass each STAAR test and therefore all students and all schools can be successful within the accountability program he is designing. His argument is this: STAAR is a criterion-referenced test, not a norm-referenced test, and thus all kids can pass it. When a friend of mine in attendance questioned this, Commissioner Morath acknowledged some superintendents did not believe this was the case and declared it a “difference of opinion."[...]Commissioner Morath's statement is false. This is not a matter of differing opinions, but one of fact verses fiction." Read more via An Educational Contrarian

"What the TEA is doing is that it is taking results from this [STAAR] assessment that did not comply with the law and they’re using them to close schools and take over school districts, and we think that’s wrong," Scott Placek, a Round Rock attorey said. Read more via myStatesman

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