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Home rule charter.... far-fetched?

PUBLIC EDUCATION IS UNDER ATTACK and we need not look all the way to the state or national levels of education policy to see this.

As is detailed in this article, three years ago, a few wealthy individuals in our city worked to pass a Home Rule Charter, which could have removed the DISD Board of Trustees and privatized our school district. Fortunately, they were not successful.

Is it far-fetched to think that if my opponent wins this seat, we may go down that same road? The truth is, it's not.

My opponent has been financially supported or endorsed by: • Empower Texans - a pro-voucher lobbying organization • Leadership of Texas Aspires - a pro-charter lobbying organization • Board Members of Save our Public Schools - which initiated these Home Rule Charter efforts • Dallas Kids First & Educate Dallas - organizations that both helped to lead these Home Rule efforts

My opponent has received nearly half a million dollars from many of the individuals involved in this work over his past 18 months of campaigning. It's clear they are looking at him to represent their interests and agenda.

This article notes: "The Dallas Independent School District’s estimated tax revenue for the 2014-2015 school year amounts to $1.3 billion—which could flow to charter operators, were the district to be privatized. Charter critics warn, however, that such lucre could come at the expense of students’ educations. Among other problems, closing public schools and opening private charter schools has allowed cities like Chicago and New Orleans to cut personnel costs by letting go veteran teachers and hiring cheaper, often less experienced teachers."

With TEI currently pushing experienced teachers out, those individuals seeking to privatize our education system are already putting the pieces they need in place. And with my opponent communicating his strong support of charter schools, even hosting campaign events at the home of a leading charter school executive, we do not need to look further for more evidence of what is in play with this election.

As privatization supporters build their army against our public education system for their own monetary interests, we must let them know that public education supporters will be there to stop them at every turn! This seat will not be available to the highest bidder.

I ran for this seat to support public education, to support our children's interests, and to ensure they receive the best education we can provide. I will represent the voice of DISD students and families, and not special interests. I will fight for my family and yours. And I will need your help!

If you live in Dallas ISD District 2: Please join me in standing for public education. Vote for me, Lori Kirkpatrick on Saturday, June 10. And urge others to do the same.

If you don't live in our voting District: Please share this with your friends who do and remind them why public education needs their support.

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