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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Fact Check: Merit-Based Pay, ACE, and other claims


In a Dallas Observer article on 5/31, Mr. Schutze references an interview with Gilberto Hinojosa which incorrectly states my stance on merit-based pay and the ACE program, and claims I have made reference to my opponent’s political party and socioeconomic status. He also dives into what he claims I believe about the corporate education reform movement.


Mr. Schutze has has not asked me where I stand on merit pay, nor has Gilberto Hinojosa. I support merit-based pay. I have proposed a replacement system to TEI which states that I believe we can create and implement a merit-based pay system by using industry best-practice standards based on student growth measures, instead of high-stakes standardized test scores.

His statement that “we get the stunning success of the Dallas ACE schools program, a model that any big district in the country would be wise to emulate,” falsely claims that we can’t have an ACE program without the current teacher evaluation system, and that is untrue. In fact, Dallas ISD has its own internal “ACE-like” program that is completely unrelated to TEI, which actually has produced better results than ACE and is less expensive.

Additionally, I have never referenced my opponent’s political party affiliation or socioeconomic status. Please feel free to reference my emails, social media and website to verify this part of the claim.

Finally, I am opposed to the corporate education reform movement because I am opposed to replacing our neighborhood public schools with charter or private schools, over testing our children, and the lack of respect given to our teachers. There is evidence of the damage that education reform has on our cities, our schools, and our children. While I'm against the corporate education reform, I am for change that will benefit our teachers, our schools, and ultimately our children, whom are the most important thing in this election.


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