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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Fact Check: Jim Schutze article


On May 19, Jim Schutze wrote an article for the Dallas Observer, where amongst other items, he called our campaign for public education “slime”. My opponent has gone on to use this article is his campaign promotional material.


Mr. Schutze did not spend any length of time discussing the issues of this campaign with me. He called and asked me only one question: whether I believed Mr. Marshall supported vouchers. I told him that my opponent refused to oppose vouchers when he was given the opportunity to do so as part of a board vote on January 26. But when I worked to explain my answer in further detail, he hung up on me, giving me no other opportunity to talk about my work as a foster mom, as a medical professional, and as an involved community member. He gave me no time to tell him about the great volunteers who are seeking to strengthen our local public education system. And he gave me no chance to tell him about my planned efforts to strengthen our district for our students. If he had, I believe his article’s tone would have been much different.

(One of my campaign volunteers posted a comment to the story on The Observer’s Facebook page asking why Mr. Schutze was not following the money in my opponent’s campaign; her post was removed by The Observer. She made a copy of her comment before she posted it, and here it is, for the record: Jim, what happened to your skillful investigative ability? What happened to your knowing the adage “Follow the money” and you will get your story? Check out the money in Mr. Marshall’s coffers. I am a volunteer for Lori and there is no deception in her character. A public school advocate that has her child in DISD is the preferred candidate.)


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