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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Ready for a Runoff

Friends and Neighbors, What a weekend, to say the least!

On Election Day, voters, volunteers, and supporters of our campaign for public education came out in full force to support our children. We received 5,232 votes, nearly 300 more than my opponent. But because of a third candidate, our campaign's win on Saturday was just shy of gaining the 50% needed to win the DISD District 2 Trustee seat outright. In fact, we understand we needed only 14 votes to get to this 50%. This is incredible given that my opponent raised more than 5 times what we did, and our campaign to many seemed the "underdog" this year — but you and so many others stepped up for the children in our community! We truly have so much to be proud of today! Now we must continue working to protect public education and Dallas ISD from the special interests that my opponent represents. While mail-in and provisional ballots still need to be counted and election officials have not formally declared a run-off, I realize there is no time to be wasted should these election results remain unchanged. We must move forward and I am ready to do so! Here's how you can help today:

  • Donate - We are working against an opponent who has raised 5 times what we have – but we will not waver or be intimidated. Your donation to our campaign will go far in helping us get our message to District 2 voters.

  • Keep your Yard Sign out - If you already have a campaign yard sign, please keep it out. If you didn't get a chance to get one, request one here.

  • Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and share our page and posts with your District 2 friends!

  • Save the Date for the run-off on Saturday, June 10.

In the coming days, we will determine volunteer opportunities for canvassing and phone banking, so please stay tuned if you'd like to get involved in that way. Please know how much I appreciate your generosity with your time, talents and resources in helping us strengthen our local public education system. We have already proven that, with your help, we can beat my opponent and the special interests he represents. I know we can and must do it again! Thanks, Lori Kirkpatrick Dallas ISD District 2 Trustee Candidate

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