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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Questions for Dustin Marshall

Dustin Marshall wants to remain the Dallas ISD District 2 Trustee for the next three years but lately he has seemed more interested in false attacks than he does in being honest about his record as Trustee. I think it's about time that we ask him some hard questions:

1. Why do you, someone who has chosen to send your children to private school instead of your neighborhood DISD school, want to make decisions for the children and families of DISD?

2. During the January 26 board meeting, when urged by your fellow Trustees to stand against vouchers, why did you not respond? If, as you say, your vote was solely based on the fact that you weren't ready to oppose the A-F grading system, why didn't you ask to separate that out of the resolution that evening?

3. In September 2016, you voted for the DISD Legislative Agenda Priorities that included opposing the A-F grading system. Then a few months later, you voted against a resolution that included opposing A-F (as noted above, you went on the record saying you were specifically voting that way because you weren't ready to oppose A-F). Since you had already opposed A-F in a vote a few months before, what changed?

4. Why did your first public mention of opposing vouchers come on February 11 (as reported by the PAC Dallas Kids First), one day after I filed to run against you for this Trustee seat? I want to believe this was coincidental, but that is difficult given that you had the perfect opportunity to go on the record with your opposition to vouchers during the January 26 board meeting referenced above.

5. If you say you want to strengthen public schools, why do you sit on the Advocacy Board of Texas Aspires — an organization that is openly lobbying to gain more funding for charter schools, which take funding away from DISD students. [Edit on 5/4/17: Marshall's name has been removed from the Texas Aspires page, but fortunately, our team got a screen shot when we went live with this blog to show that it was there as late as 4/29]

These questions and unknowns about Dustin Marshall are why I am fighting for my family and yours.

Runoff Election Day is Saturday, June 10.

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