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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Dustin Marshall & Vouchers

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

When my opponent, Dustin Marshall, says he does not support vouchers, there is an unedited video record of his vote on the DISD website that I encourage you to review (beginning at around one minute into this section of the unedited video).

I have provided a summary below.

On January 26, 2017, the Board was voting on the Resolution of Legislative Priorities for Region 10 School Districts which included:

  • repealing the A-F grading system

  • opposition to vouchers or Education Savings Grants, and

  • an increase in funding for Texas’ public schools.

My opponent stated clearly that he was voting against the resolution, and stated his reason behind that decision was that he believed in the A-F grading system. Trustee Nutall pointed out that the A-F issue was only one facet of the resolution, and the two other issues were equally, if not more so, important to stand with. Superintendent Hinojosa stated his deep concern with how the A-F system was a step towards the school voucher program. He reminded the Trustees that for the first time, school districts from around Region 10 were joining together to sign this resolution because they knew that they needed to stand strongly against this voucher system, and increase funding for students. "I strongly recommend that this board adopt every tenet of this resolution," Dr. Hinojosa urged.

Board President Dan Micciche said that the A-F grading system was being used as a pre-text for the voucher system and was a distraction from the funding issue that our public education system faces. Furthermore, during the 19 minute exchange, Trustee Solis said that if any member had an issue with the resolution, they should work through it during that board meeting.

Yet (as you can see in the video) with ample opportunity to discuss this issue, Mr. Marshall grew silent. He did not take this time and forum to stand up against school vouchers. He did not explain in further detail why, despite what his colleagues said, he was still in opposition to this important resolution. Instead, he said nothing.

During this election when voters have asked, Mr. Marshall has stated that he is against school vouchers, but when he had to speak on behalf of the families and children of DISD on January 26 as their Trustee, he was not able to do so.

I can assume that perhaps Mr. Marshall couldn't speak out against vouchers because he would directly benefit from them, as he sends his children to private school. I can also assume that perhaps he couldn't speak out against vouchers because many of his campaign donors may support the voucher system that would direct funding from public schools to private schools.

Whatever the reason for that decision, I undoubtedly know that we need leaders on the board of the second largest public school district in Texas who will not be afraid to stand up against school vouchers and the privatization of public education. Dustin Marshall has already shown us that he will not be that person. I am running for this District 2 seat because I know I can be.

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