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  • Lori Kirkpatrick

Endorsement by Ken Zornes, Former DISD President

"I support Lori because I recognize that she stands whole heartily with our DISD public education system. Never in the history of DISD has a trustee voted against a public education resolution opposing vouchers until the current District 2 Trustee. That is unacceptable for our children. District 2 must elect a Trustee who is willing and able to strengthen the DISD system and I am confident Lori is the best candidate for that job." — Ken Zornes, former DISD Trustee (1999-2005) and DISD President (2001-2002)

Thank you to Ken Zornes for his endorsement of our campaign for public education!

Learn more about Zornes' stance on the voucher system in his recent commentary in the Dallas Morning News: "Don't be fooled by 'school choice,' it is the latest attempt to funnel tax money to private schools"

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