My School Board Race Is Finally Here

I have been asked over and over if I am running for the Dallas ISD District 2 seat this year. This has been my intention since I lost in June of 2017 in the run-off against Dustin Marshall and his education Reform movement. You may (or may not) recall one Richard Young was on the ballot in my race. He garnered 336 votes, which kept me from winning outright in the general by an estimated FOURTEEN votes. By the run-off I was out of money, my small volunteer team was exhausted, and we just couldn’t compete with Marshall’s Reform-backed war chest ($512,085.20). That’s what having more than one challenger often does – help the incumbent by splitting the opposition votes and precious resources. If

A New Years "Data-Driven" Resolution

Often in education we hear the term “data-driven”, and this is supposed to reassure us that the data has been accurately analyzed. More and more it seems that data is naively analyzed, leading to misrepresentations and flawed narratives. If the narrative is repeated enough times it becomes assumed accurate. Case in point: In February of 2018, Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa presented to the Texas Commission on Public School Finance and stated that the District’s ACE program had shown great gains, particularly in elementary schools: Dr. Michael Dryden was a principal evaluator in Dallas ISD for 20 years. When he analyzed the ACE program he found that the above statement claimin