DISD Charter Partnership

This Thursday February 28th at the Dallas ISD Board meeting, there will be a vote on agenda item 7.03: CONSIDER AND TAKE POSSIBLE ACTION TO ADOPT BOARD POLICY [for] CHARTER PARTNERSHIP. A partnership of this nature is a pass-through to private operators. This allows public dollars (taxpayer money) to be controlled by independent, non-elected governing boards. This is a total loss of elected representation for students, families and community members. If you believe that Dallas ISD should NOT turn over funds and/or schools to private operators, please email the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees (all) and ask them to vote NO on Charter Partnership Agenda Item 7.03. Also, consider signing up to spea

Private Partnership Charter

Dallas ISD has scheduled four simultaneous community meetings on February 12, 2019 at 6:30 pm (see below) regarding the proposed policy change allowing private partnership charters. The District has updated the proposed policy known as ELA (local) and includes only the following change: Applicability: The District will consider applications for pre-kindergarten Partnerships only. While this narrows the current intention to pre-K, it does not change the fact that this amounts to taxation without representation and sets a very dangerous precedent. Looking at the timeline the District published over the weekend, SB 1882 was being considered early in 2018, and was never mentioned during the TRE