TEI Favors Choice Schools

Algorithms are Opinions Embedded in Code I have been very vocal about the destructive Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) in Dallas ISD. In order to formally rebut the system I have wanted to run an independent analysis and have been trying to get TEI raw data from DISD for almost a year now. But DISD won’t give it up. As a taxpayer, parent, and concerned community member, their refusal is both troubling and telling....very. Luckily, we have someone in the metroplex with the expertise needed to do just such an analysis, Dr. Michael Dryden. Dr. Dryden has taught middle and high school math and science in the South Pacific, Indonesia, Australia, and the U.S., and has a Doctorate in Research an

DKF At It Again

Money is power, the power of Education Reformers to elect privatization friendly candidates to our local school board and Dallas Kids First (DKF) is at it again. As a reminder, they have hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy, non-district donors being used to influence you the voter. Here's their latest mailer. And here is Trustee Nutall setting the record straight: The DKF PAC recently sent out a mailer to District 9 voters. Here are some of the misrepresentations that were made in the mailer: DKF - “VOTED NO to $104 million for DISD proven programs.” TRUTH - Perhaps they are referring to me voting against “proven programs” that have only proven to chase away many of DISD’s best and