I Have Nothing Against Charters, No Really!

I am about to say something that I’m guessing many of you will find truly shocking. I have nothing against charter or private schools. Nothing. I know many people who choose either option. And we’re still friends. So to all the Uplifts and KIPPs and ILTs and Harmonys out there, as a private company, feel free to take your money and start them. However, leave the taxpayer funds in traditional public schools. But they don’t want to take their money and start them, they want to take taxpayer's money and start them. Why? Because public education is a $600 Billion a year industry, yes that is a B. Where’s the risk in taking someone else’s money to fund your private business? It’s a no brainer re

ACE is the place for hardware, but for DISD schools maybe not so much.

The ACE program is being heralded by Dallas ISD and by some in the business community as a successful program to remove struggling schools from the status of Improvement Required (IR). An independent analysis revealed something different. Dallas ISD has two treatment programs for IR campuses, ACE and ISN (Intensive Support Network). Both the ACE and ISN programs provide extra resources to the campuses, and additionally ACE campuses have a longer school day and are staffed with highly effective teachers as designated by the Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI). We’ve evaluated 7 ACE campuses, 18 ISN campuses, and 17 IR campuses without any treatment program. For 5th and 8th grade reading and m

Who's electing DISD Trustees 2018? Same Reformers as 2017

Dallas Kids First (DKF) candidates are bought and paid for by corporate education Reform money, period. Here’s who’s electing your DISD Trustees: DKF April 2018 PAC Filing: Contributions: $173,375.00 Peter Beck $10K Bernie Bray $25K Harlan Crow $25K Lee Hobson $10K Peter Kline $5K Don McNamara $5K Mike Myers $20K William Payne $15K Evelyn Rose $15K Stacy Schusterman $25K Phillip Wiggins $500 Ken Barth $17.5K DKF Jan 2018 PAC Filing: Contributions: $114,553.00 Garrett Boone $25K Tim Byrne $20K Marguerite Hoffman $5K Sarah Losinger $10K Daniel Muzquiz $10K Suzanne Smith $100.00 Ken Barth $43,103.00 Notice CAMP owner John Hill (aka Deinde) was paid $53K by DKF to train “fell

Children Define the Data

We are headed in the wrong direction. It’s time to turn this ship around and sail to the proper port (or some such metaphor). The experiences of the child should define the data. But instead we are using data with low information to define children. Worse still, people cherry pick naive results to justify unsubstantiated programs like TEI and ACE. Shame on us. We have the opportunity and an obligation to chart the better course. What others are saying: Last week Texas Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath, again stated his belief that all students can pass each STAAR test and therefore all students and all schools can be successful within the accountability program he is designing. His argu