Friends of Texas Public Schools Founder Scott Milder Speaks Out

In a recent editorial founder and CEO of Friends of Texas Public Schools Scott Milder speaks out about the harsh reality surrounding school choice. In my recent bid for a Dallas ISD Board of Trustee position, I was repeatedly shocked by the number of folks who would say to me, "I don't have kids in school anymore so I leave it to those who do." I think it is important to remember that each and every one of us has, not only a vested interest as a citizen, but a responsibility to participate in the process to ensure that the education of our nation is the best it can be. I hope you'll take the time to read this editorial, educate yourself and participate in the education of our future gener

This Month with Millie

“Today, education is perhaps the most important function of state and local governments. Compulsory school attendance laws and the great expenditures for education both demonstrate our recognition of the importance of education to our democratic society. It is required in the performance of our most basic public responsibilities, even service in the armed forces. It is the very foundation of good citizenship. Today it is a principal instrument in awakening the child to cultural values, in preparing him for later professional training, and in helping him to adjust normally to his environment.” Brown vs. Board of Education 347 U.S. 483 at 493 (1954) My daughter just started kindergarten last w