Facts Matter

There have been a couple of articles written recently in the local papers that just weren’t quite accurate and omitted some very important facts. My daughter and I are back from a much needed week off and I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you all of these very important facts. I have personally spoken with Corbett Smith at the Dallas Morning News and told him I was never endorsed by the Texas Democratic Party during the District 2 Trustee campaign and yet he continues to write otherwise. I told him that I was endorsed personally by Gilberto Hinojosa. If you don’t work within the realm of facts how do you keep a job? Oh right, it’s the DMN. Enough said. But truth, facts, and

Thank you!

When I look back on the past 5 months, there is only one word that comes to mind: grateful! I am so grateful for this opportunity to have run for elected office. I am so grateful for this opportunity to begin to show my daughter what democracy looks like. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met so many amazing people. And truly, I am so grateful to all of you - our campaign supporters! We fought hard against a campaign with many times more money than we had, but because of you, we never wavered. Thank you to the organizations and other elected officials who stood with our campaign to support our children. Thank you to the small but smart team of women who graduated from public

Home rule charter.... far-fetched?

PUBLIC EDUCATION IS UNDER ATTACK and we need not look all the way to the state or national levels of education policy to see this. As is detailed in this article, three years ago, a few wealthy individuals in our city worked to pass a Home Rule Charter, which could have removed the DISD Board of Trustees and privatized our school district. Fortunately, they were not successful. Is it far-fetched to think that if my opponent wins this seat, we may go down that same road? The truth is, it's not. My opponent has been financially supported or endorsed by: • Empower Texans - a pro-voucher lobbying organization • Leadership of Texas Aspires - a pro-charter lobbying organization • Board Members

Fact Check: Merit-Based Pay, ACE, and other claims

CLAIM: In a Dallas Observer article on 5/31, Mr. Schutze references an interview with Gilberto Hinojosa which incorrectly states my stance on merit-based pay and the ACE program, and claims I have made reference to my opponent’s political party and socioeconomic status. He also dives into what he claims I believe about the corporate education reform movement. FACTS: Mr. Schutze has has not asked me where I stand on merit pay, nor has Gilberto Hinojosa. I support merit-based pay. I have proposed a replacement system to TEI which states that I believe we can create and implement a merit-based pay system by using industry best-practice standards based on student growth measures, instead of hig