Supporting Teachers and Building Our Future

I want teachers to be able to teach children to think critically, to captivate their love of learning, and to nurture the creativity and curiosity within each and every child. I know that our teachers are dedicated professionals whose training and gifts motivate them to do just that, to evaluate a child’s learning style and abilities and make moment to moment, day to day, even year to year adjustments to help ensure that their students are captivated and learning. My experience has shown that teachers build relationships with children and with each other, knowing that collaboration, not competition, is the central component in successful education. In nearly every way, the current evaluation

Fact Check: Jim Schutze article

CLAIM: On May 19, Jim Schutze wrote an article for the Dallas Observer, where amongst other items, he called our campaign for public education “slime”. My opponent has gone on to use this article is his campaign promotional material. FACTS: Mr. Schutze did not spend any length of time discussing the issues of this campaign with me. He called and asked me only one question: whether I believed Mr. Marshall supported vouchers. I told him that my opponent refused to oppose vouchers when he was given the opportunity to do so as part of a board vote on January 26. But when I worked to explain my answer in further detail, he hung up on me, giving me no other opportunity to talk about my work as a

Dustin Marshall & Texas Aspires

My opponent continues to not be transparent about his agenda: In late April, I called into question his relationship with Texas Aspires, an organization that is openly lobbying the Texas legislature for funding for charter schools which ultimately take funding from public school districts like Dallas ISD. By May 4, the organization removed his name from their website and Mr. Marshall stated, "I’ve never spoken one word to those people in any way,” (via Dallas Morning News). However, when we compared his Finance Reports to the leadership of Texas Aspires, we found that he has received more than $58,000 from 17 individuals (or organizations that these individuals represent) who are a part of T

4 Ways I Will Work to Strengthen DISD

With nearly 160,000 students served by Dallas ISD, there is no doubt that the responsibility of the Board of Trustees is great. As the District 2 Trustee, I would work hard to find innovative and effective ways to improve our school district for the children in our community. I look forward to being able to use my experience as a health care professional, DISD parent, former foster mother, and involved community member, to partner with other Trustees and District staff to strengthen our local public education system. Implement a Universal Cooperative Pre-K to Increase and Sustain Parental Involvement: We know that the educational outcomes of children are closely tied to parental involvement,

Endorsement by Brian Williams, MD

Thank you to Dr. Brian Williams for his endorsement of our campaign for public education. "As a long-time physician assistant at Dallas County's Parkland Hospital, Lori understands the structure and fundamentals of a government entity that provides critical services to our community. In her role at Parkland, she chairs several committees aimed at measuring and emphasizing the value and skill sets of the hospital's most important asset – its employees. Her leadership skills are also displayed in her role as one of the specialists responsible for the development and operations of the pediatric special needs clinic serving Dallas County families, many of whom are students in DISD. I have person

Fact Check: Marshall claims to have been responsible for changing the policy on K-2 suspensions.

CLAIM: Dustin Marshall claims to have been responsible for changing the policy on K-2 suspensions. FACT: Miguel Solis is the Trustee who spearheaded this before Marshall was even elected to the board. Here is an article from June 10, 2016 about the ongoing efforts as of a week prior to the special election Runoff when Marshall won the seat: #factcheck

Fact Check: Marshall states TEI is successful

CLAIM: Marshall was quoted by the Dallas Morning News as stating, “Almost every indication of TEI has been successful.” The News also stated, “Current DISD data shows the district’s retention rate (85.08 percent) is better than the state’s average; of the teachers at the highest performance levels, 93 percent were still at their campuses.” FACTS: The turnover rate since implementing TEI has increased every year. The Texas Education Agency states that the most recently reported teacher turn-over rate in Dallas ISD is 21.6% putting the teacher retention rate at 79.4%. Currently, 44% of DISD teachers have less than 5 years of experience. These indications show that TEI has not been successful i

What's Wrong with the A-F Grading System?

What is the A-F campus grading system? According to the TEA, “much like students receive grades in individual subjects and those are combined for a GPA, the law requires schools and districts to be issued grades based on five different areas of performance or ‘domains’ and those five grades must be combined into a single overall rating.” A-F was started in Florida in 1999. Virginia repealed it, citing the detrimental effects it would have on communities. Michigan has dropped it. Tennessee is delaying it. West Virginia has decided against it. Texas has moved back the implementation date of A-F due to its lack of accuracy. Which begs the question… What is wrong with the A-F campus grading sy

Senate Sneaks Vouchers Back In

After having their voucher bill defeated, the pro-voucher Texas senate has now attached its voucher bill to school funding! Send your email to your representatives and tell them to VOTE NO for CSHB 21 today. You can send it here. Then call your state senator and state representative and ask them to oppose CSHB 21 (Committee Substitute House Bill 21). You can find their Austin phone numbers here. Below is what Pastors for Texas Children has to say about this voucher bill. We oppose this voucher on the following grounds: ESA’s takes taxpayer funds directly from public schools and provides no real funding. With money coming directly from the Foundation School Program, ESA’s siphon money direct

Fact Check: Marshall says that he opposes vouchers

CLAIM: Marshall says that he opposes vouchers. FACT: Although he has stated that he is opposed to vouchers, he remained silent during the January 26 board meeting on the matter while his fellow Trustees spoke up about the issue. Additionally, has remained silent on the issue of other voucher-like programs that have been proven to destroy neighborhood public schools. At the same time, it is telling that proponents of voucher programs, who lobby the state in favor of them, overwhelmingly support Dustin Marshall's candidacy, like Empower Texans which is an aggressive lobbying group that is pro-voucher. #factcheck

Fact Check: Dustin Marshall claims to have been instrumental in opening 2 schools in Boston and Chic

CLAIM: Dustin Marshall claims to have been instrumental in opening 2 schools in Boston and Chicago. FACTS: One of the schools Marshall often mentions when he makes this claim is the Boston Renaissance Charter School (BRCS) which has been in existence since 1995 before Marshall even started college in Pennsylvania. It is therefore highly doubtful that he helped to start this school. BRCS, one of the largest charter schools in Boston, has been put on academic probation for 5 of the past 10 years due to poor academic scores. BRCS is also connected to Edison Schools, a highly controversial large for-profit operator of charter schools. The other school Marshall mentions is Rowe Elementary in Chic

Runoff Official

Now that mail-in and provisional ballots have been counted, a Runoff Election is official. We are so proud of the 5,265 votes that we were able to get for our campaign for public education and are ready to do it again during this Runoff! The Runoff Election will be Saturday, June 10 with Early Voting going from May 30 - June 6. Mail-in ballots will also be accepted in this Election. Throughout this Runoff, I know my opponent and his campaign team, including the PAC Dallas Kids First, are going to do their best to knock us down. For them, this is a second chance. They will use their seemingly unending budget (my opponent's financials show that he has raised more than $380,000 campaigning for

Ready for a Runoff

Friends and Neighbors, What a weekend, to say the least! On Election Day, voters, volunteers, and supporters of our campaign for public education came out in full force to support our children. We received 5,232 votes, nearly 300 more than my opponent. But because of a third candidate, our campaign's win on Saturday was just shy of gaining the 50% needed to win the DISD District 2 Trustee seat outright. In fact, we understand we needed only 14 votes to get to this 50%. This is incredible given that my opponent raised more than 5 times what we did, and our campaign to many seemed the "underdog" this year — but you and so many others stepped up for the children in our community! We truly ha

Support DISD Children on May 6

Friends & Neighbors, Just a few weeks after filing to run for this District 2 seat, I saw a quote by Mark Pierce that said, “I still believe public education is the greatest gift this country has." This is something that has resonated with me every step of this race. As your Dallas ISD District 2 Trustee, I will work my hardest to make our local public education system stronger. I will work to ensure: Your tax dollars fund public education and not private or charter schools. The best teachers and administrators are retained at the helm of our children's classrooms. Early-Childhood Education programs are expanded so that our youngest children are kindergarten ready. The Community School syste

The Debate between Kirkpatrick & Marshall

I attended the recent debate between the two main candidates for Dallas ISD District 2 at Mata Montessori School. On one side of the stage, Lori Kirkpatrick, a physician assistant at Parkland Hospital; on the other, businessman and incumbent Dustin Marshall. The debate was quite brief but still revealed a striking, if by now familiar, distinction between two visions for public education. Kirkpatrick spoke of the gift of public education to society, conveyed an empathy for schoolteachers working under hostile conditions, and underlined the cost to society of not providing teachers and students with the necessary resources and support. In contrast, Marshall expressed concern over an apparent m