• Improve DISD's current TEI by removing the mandatory STAAR based component, incorporate the compensation proposal presented to DISD in 2017-18 by then Board of Trustee Audrey Pinkerton (slideshow below), and make the student survey component an artifact for discretionary use by the evaluator.


  • Excellence in Teaching Incentive Program (ETIP) is in Mesquite ISD. This program utilizes T-TESS for the evaluation component and is not tied to standardized test results. It is described as sustainable, strategic, teacher improvement focused, and utilized to best guide instruction. It is the reason veteran teacher Deborah Williams left DISD for Mesquite in 2018 and she said, “Mesquite ISDs ETIP program is outstanding. It is not focused on nonsense standardized test improvement.  We have district made tests but they aren’t high-stakes nor tied to pay. They are more of an evaluative tool to guide instruction.”

  • Granbury ISD has a teacher excellence initiative of its own. Chris Tackett, a former Grandbury ISD Trustee, compares the Dallas model with the Granbury model here, and is well worth the read. 

  • T-TESS is currently implemented across Texas in most districts.

Alternative compensation proposal to TEI