The Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) policies include:

Parents required to sign an agreement that includes the following expectations:

  • 90 minutes of homework every evening

  • 95% attendance rate, be on time to school and class

  • Adherence to uniform policy

Transportation provided by the district to alternant campus if parent does not wish for his/her student to attend an ACE campus. [See page 4 (#7) of the Dade Middle School ACE campus plan].


 ACE campuses will not accept failing grades: 

  •  Extended school day allows teachers to provide additional instruction, assess response to intervention

  •  School remains open until 6 pm, allows for tutoring, dinner meal​

  • Campus will develop an instructional calendar per department, utilize backwards design planning by each department each six weeks, frequent data tracking via interim and common assessments


Parent support

  • Regular parent meetings - address topics such as truancy, parental involvement, strategies to support at risk students

  • Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

  • Develop partnership with Dallas Housing Authority

Student support

  • School uniforms provided

  • Increase allotment of time for Psychological Services and Special Education to address students' social/emotional/behavioral needs


Additional campus support staff

  • Asst. Principal, Dept. Chair for Core Content, Urban Specialist, additional teacher allocations to reduce student/teacher ratios, Community Liaison, Counselor per grade level, AVID Tutors, Instructional Specialist

  • Ongoing professional development

Campus Upgrades

  • Campus beautification

  • Classroom upgrades