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What is an ACE Campus?

The Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) program launched in DISD in 2015. The program provides monetary incentives for teachers and principals to work at the highest-needs schools. Read more about ACE campus policies here.

Kirkpatrick 4 DISD

Analysis of ACE Campuses

A veteran DISD evaluator compared the ACE program to another DISD campus support program (ISN) and found that the success of the ACE program was almost entirely defined by the performance of students at two elementary campuses. In five of the seven ACE campuses the performance of students did not exceed the performance of similar ISN campuses to any meaningful extent. This fact counters the suggestion that any ACE success is due to the movement of so-called highly effective TEI teachers to the ACE campuses. Read the executive summary and full report here

How much impact did ACE have on DISD overall campus improvement? Read about it here.

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