New Year,
Fresh Start

10,000 Voices

What makes a school great? What do students need? Do you want to better understand how STAAR and our current school accountability system work?

Join me and Kaylan Smith, Regional Director of Raise Your Hand Texas (RYHT), to learn more. RYHT wants your feedback to help shape the future of testing and accountability in our public schools. 

Participate either online Tuesday January 11, 2021 or in person Thursday January 13, 2021, both begin at 6:30 pm. 


Where we are:  Currently the state’s accountability (A-F) system is disproportionately based on a single end-of-year test that does not adequately consider a student’s academic growth. Additionally, it is the only measure of accountability ratings in grades 3-8.


Where do we want to be:  Raise Your Hand Texas wants to hear from you.

10,000 Voices