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The State Board of Education vetoes a record 4 of 7 new charter applications
June 25, 2021

The State Board of Education vetoed a record number of 2021 charter applications on June 25, 2021.  The Board turned down four of the seven applications that were awarded by the Commissioner during the 2021 charter application process.

Rocketship Texas was the most controversial applicant and the vote was close at 8-7. Rocketship is a California-based charter chain.  Its charter management organization (CMO) will manage most of the major functions of the Texas Rocketship charter school including instruction and almost all financial and accounting operations and receive 10 percent all Rocketship Texas revenues.

September 20, 2020

On September 11, 2020 the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) approved five of the eight charters proposed by TEA Commissioner Morath.



LOCAL: August 11, 2021 ILT denied and Uplift moves one step closer. 

While the 2021 ILT and Uplift cases required city zoning approval because they were new building requests, most charter expansion is unlimited, has very little public notice and no venue for public input. Charters have expanded rapidly to 750 campuses across Texas, primarily at the sole discretion of the appointed not elected Texas Education Agency Commissioner. Learn about the charter expansion process.



July 20, 2020  -  Uplift Wisdom Prep Charter was approved for expansion, yet in 2018 the campus was rated Improvement Required (under the name Pinnacle, state ID# 57803015). 

  • Uplift serves fewer special education students and significantly fewer English learners and At-Risk students. 


  • From just Uplift Wisdom Prep, the estimated revenue loss is up to $100 million to Dallas ISD over 10 years. ​​

  • The expansion of Uplift Wisdom Prep is located 1.4 miles (< 5 minutes) from B rated DISD campus Umphrey Lee Elementary School. 



What is the Charter Impact to Dallas ISD?



















Compare Independent School Districts and charters in Texas?      Setting the Record Straight


William Gumbert is a retired investment banker who spent 32 years in Texas public finance. See his presentation to CyFair ISD on the charter school impact to Texas.

Charter Schools Approved/Vetoed by SBOE

List of Charters Vetoed

2021 1. Heritage Classical Charter School (Northwest Houston area) 2. Red Brick Academy (North Houston) 3. The Justice Hub School (Houston) 4. S. H. James Preparatory Charter School (San Antonio) 2020 1. CLEAR Public Charter School (San Marcos) 2. Heritage Classical Academy (Houston) 3. *Rocketship Public Schools (Fort Worth) *out of state charter chain

List of Charters Approved

2021 1. Essence Preparatory Charter School (San Antonio) 2. *Rocketship Texas Public Schools (Fort Worth) 3. Thrive Success (Montgomery County) 2020 1. Brillante Academy (McAllen) 2. *Doral Academy of Texas (Buda) 3. *Learn4Life (Austin) 4. Prelude Preparatory (San Antonio) 5. Royal Public Schools (San Antonio) *out of state charter chain

Fiscal Impact of Charters on DISD. courtesy WG..png

To learn about the dangers of expanding charters and vouchers, read more from the Network for Public Education in School Privatization Explained.

How charter schools are used as investment vehicles at the expense of low income students and taxpayers, a blog by Steven Singer. 

Charter Partnerships

"Recent state legislation, SB 1882, championed by public school privatizers, creates a lucrative incentive for underfunded districts to receive the charter per-pupil advantage only if the democratically elected board hands over governance to a privately operated charter school."           TexasAFT Charter School Facts

DISD History with Charter Partnerships

In 2019, Dallas ISD Board of Trustees passed Charter Partnerships, despite strong opposition from the community.

Here's a brief post about the initial passage of charter partnerships at the February 28, 2019 Board meeting. 

Here is a link to some of the background information regarding the initial charter partnership proposal.

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